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Goose and gander crapola

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learningme Fri 03-Feb-17 04:02:51

So husband speaks openly against medication for depression/anxiety. Yet recognizes both as legitimate medical conditions. Therapy is acceptable treatment. This his stated opinion for 20 years. Then today comes home from doctors appointment and casually says his doctor has put him on said medication to help him deal with all the stuff he is going through. Stuff =

my moms breast and lung cancer ( makes me less available)

my dad's poor health. Chronic heart and lung disease. (Same. As I take him to appointments)

My diabetes and two heart conditions. They are apparently a worry to him even though he Never asks about my health.

My brother buying my vehicle and failing to have it registered in his name as of yet.

And with theses stresses my husband felt I should not need any medication for years. I have been taking a mild anxiety med for 3 years now per my heart doctor to avoid fluctuations in my heart rhythm that may be situational given stresses of caring for my sick parents.

Sorry for the ramble.

Ok for the goose but not the gander

Creakyknees Mon 06-Feb-17 00:28:07


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