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New to mumsnet and looking for impartial advice and support

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MermaidTail7 Sun 29-Jan-17 11:49:40

Hey all.. Have just joined mumsnet... Hoping to find a space for advice,support, and occasionally a bit of perspective...

ActuallyThatsSUPREMECommander Sun 29-Jan-17 11:51:19

Sounds about right. If you're looking for constructive advice on serious issues then perhaps stick to Chat or specific topics rather than AIBU.

JiltedJohnsJulie Sun 29-Jan-17 11:53:10

Welcome smile

MermaidTail7 Sun 29-Jan-17 12:03:22

Thank you Actually... That's good advice, hello to you and JJJ!

Dewdrop123 Mon 30-Jan-17 00:59:17

Get carers for daughter wondering if any help with a hoidasy thanks.

EmmaJade25 Mon 30-Jan-17 08:35:02

I'm also new. I would really like help with what these code words mean if anyone can shed some light!

picklemepopcorn Mon 30-Jan-17 08:38:52

Which words?
IRL in real life
SHL shit hot lawyer
HTH happy to help (think this is a bit sarcastic...)
PBP previously banned poster
The Ds refer to various family members
STBXH soon to be ex husband

HelenDenver Mon 30-Jan-17 08:39:35

There's a glossary somewhere...


picklemepopcorn Mon 30-Jan-17 08:39:53

Never argue with people who comment negatively and unhelpfully. Some of them thrive on it and come back to rant a bit more! Must remember own advice.

hesterton Mon 30-Jan-17 08:42:53

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

EmmaJade25 Mon 30-Jan-17 08:45:17

Yeah it's the DD thing I'm confused about. Trying my hardest to work it out but thought it best to just ask! Also the AIBU? What does that stand for?

picklemepopcorn Mon 30-Jan-17 08:50:19

Dear Daughter.

If I mention DD1, DS1 and DD2, it means my daughter, son and second daughter.

AIBU, am I being unreasonable.
YABU you are being unreasonable.
YABVVU you are being very very unreasonable. DO NOT POST THERE until you are feeling very strong and confident. It is not a gentle place!

bloodymaria Mon 30-Jan-17 08:50:51

DD - dear daughter, DH - dear husband etc (or darling, or dearest, I'm not sure which is official).
AIBU - am I being unreasonable. Don't post here straight away!

picklemepopcorn Mon 30-Jan-17 08:52:27

It'll all come clear as you read.

There are a few, FOTTFSOFH that take a while- eff off to the far side of effing hell. But you tend to get the context after a while.

picklemepopcorn Mon 30-Jan-17 08:56:35

And learn how to name change so you can escape when you have made a mistake. I have a few extra names, very disposable for when I comment on really personal things.

If you talk about yourself, change a couple of details so you can't be tracked. Alter the order or sex of your children, change the region where you live. Just so if a friend IRL should happen to see your post, they can't recognise you from the details.

HelenDenver Mon 30-Jan-17 08:58:07

If it hasn't done it automatically, customising Talk so that ir highlights the OP (original poster) posts can be helpful. Otherwise you can accidentally advise on a hotel in Rome after the OP has decided after two pages to go to Madrid instead.

(Or something much worse, like advising to LTB. - leave the bastard- after OP has said he's agreed to counselling and they are engaged!)

picklemepopcorn Mon 30-Jan-17 08:58:49

And you'll see a lot of LTB. Leave the B..... Usually justified, occasionally a bit of an overreaction, often in jest.

picklemepopcorn Mon 30-Jan-17 09:00:53

Building on Helen's advice, RTFT. Read the effing (or full) thread. Reserved for people who chime in on page 43 with a completely irrelevant answer.

EmmaJade25 Mon 30-Jan-17 09:02:27

Haha! Thanks so much. I don't tend to have many 'mum' friends aside from my sister in law's so this is helpful. Thanks! Sorry to jump on your post mermaidtail

Seeline Mon 30-Jan-17 09:03:34

full list of acronyms here

picklemepopcorn Mon 30-Jan-17 16:19:22

I'm going to have to learn how to do that seeline. I don't think I can from an app though...

MermaidTail7 Mon 30-Jan-17 21:47:42

Thanks everyone...

swirl12 Mon 30-Jan-17 23:14:55

that seems like what I'm on here for too, message me anytime!

swirl12 Mon 30-Jan-17 23:16:31

all you need to know with short acronyms

learningme Fri 03-Feb-17 04:24:18

Great advice! Thanks for sharing. Just made my first post and am now worried it is too detailed. lol breath.

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