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Nicsywicsy Wed 18-Jan-17 14:42:45

First post on here so please be kind smile We are considering a move to Devon, hoping my son will go to Bramdean School in Exeter. I am looking at areas that might be good to live in but so many look so beautiful! Obv we are visiting and exploring but thought you lovely lot might be able to help too? I would like to be within 15 - 20 mins of the coast, and close to other people not out in the sticks. Any advice?

Putyourdamnshoeson Wed 18-Jan-17 17:18:16

It REALLY depends on your budget. Some were like Exminster is handy and accessible. It's nice but not amazing. Topsham is beautiful, but very pricey.
How close to Exeter do you need to be?
I'm in Taunton, my husband works in Exeter and went to uni there, so we have a 20+ year connection. We have talked about moving and if we did, we'd like to be Central, St Leonards is our top area,but again, pricey.

Nicsywicsy Wed 18-Jan-17 18:04:49

Hi thanks so much for your reply! Would prefer not to be more than 5-10 miles away from Exeter. Will have a look at Topsham and St Leonard's. We're moving from London so hoping we'll get more for our money even in the pricier areas but will explore further, thanks!

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