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Newbie (due in May) with questions about local NCT

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Panetulipani Tue 17-Jan-17 07:53:39

Apologies if I am posting this in the wrong place. Happy to be redirected.

Has anyone been to the Streatham NCT antenatal course? Is it any good? DH and I have been quoted over £300 for it (which seems a bit steep in comparison with other areas where £140 appears to be the going rate). My mum and gran are skeptical about the content or usefulness as my mum did NCT classes with me (35 years ago) and wasn't impressed. It is likely I will need a C-section which seems to be viewed as a drastic last resort according to others' experience of the NCT. I am keen to make some friends at a similar stage of pregnancy, but not keen to feel bullied for something that isn't a lifestyle choice. Also, looking at the Streatham NCT group, they seem to have fewer events listed than other groups, so I am not sure if they are very new and still trying to get things going without much local enthusiasm. I have looked for non-NCT activity groups in the local area, but the vast majority seem to be post-birth and daytime activity, which as I am likely to still be working until early May is not much help. I would appreciate any guidance/personal opinions from other parents who may have experienced NCT, or chosen to avoid them altogether.

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