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Faint line

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user1483987173 Mon 09-Jan-17 18:48:58

Hi I'm new to this site today... I been TTC for 3yrs I am under fertility treatment and am on second round of clomid.. I'm on day 28 and still no period I done 2 HPT and am sure I can see a faint line would be great if you guys could let me know if you see it to 😃

annonomous123 Sat 21-Jan-17 23:38:24

Hi I was wondering if you could help me does mine look like a bfp or bfn need advice thankyou .

demitaylor91 Mon 20-Feb-17 09:47:39

I had a faint like dang near not there at all a week or two before I went to the Doctor and found I was very much indeed pregnant. So my guess would be you're like around 2 weeks to 3 weeks pregnant.

georgiedee88 Wed 22-Feb-17 15:23:42


my first pregnancy test was pretty clear it was a cross - i took it again as i didnt believe and it was a faint line across exactly like your picture - i am now 16 weeks smile smile

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