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Minecraft group in Swindon 8-14 ish

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Becks2228 Tue 03-Jan-17 22:53:07

Hi all
Just seeing if anyone has set up a Minecraft group in Swindon at all? My children are obsessed with it and although there are loads of benefits, due to mine having ASD, they struggle socially unless it is around this. It would be nice if they could eventually meet some of the children they get on well with and play with, to do other activities too. Without a common interest or knowledge of their passion, then they struggle with other activities as they want to talk about this. I know there is a computer group at the museum of computers but they wanted something more informal?


steppemum Tue 03-Jan-17 23:01:02

There is a minecraft group. It is run amongst families doing Home Ed, so I think it runs during the day. Several of the children who go have ASD.

I'll try and get a contact for you

Becks2228 Tue 03-Jan-17 23:24:44

Thank you very much.It may be the family we met 5 years ago at the computer club,I know they did something like that.My middle child I home school but my eldest in now on the lmp so would have to be out of school hours.She runs a server and plays online with carefully selected friends but they all live so far away.It would be worth a try though so that would be great.

steppemum Wed 04-Jan-17 12:23:25

I'm going to try the new 'alert' system, where you flag someone and they get an email saying they are being asked for!
If that doesn't work, I'll phone her!


Hi signandsing, I thought you might be able to answer this question


Becks2228 Wed 04-Jan-17 12:46:44

okay thank you

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