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jennifermae Thu 29-Dec-16 02:38:17

Hello- I have been a lurker on MN for some time and decided to open an account today. i live in a town in the WestCountry and am in my middle 30s. I am an occasional night owl who is obsessed with Downton Abbey, chocolate and good books. Nice to meet you all

TrustySnail Thu 29-Dec-16 02:53:30

Hello Jennifer - I lurked for about a month before opening an account last week. I used to live in the West Country but am now 'Up North'. I'm probably not a typical MNetter because I don't have DCs and started lurking for the Litter Tray and Dog House (then got hooked on AIBU and Relationships).
I just decided to get stuck in, anyway!
Best wishes

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