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20 year old son told me I can't have my boyfriend of 6 months to stay

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Poppy10032010 Mon 26-Dec-16 14:23:23

I am struggling with my son at moment - I have been single for 5 years and finally met Someone who we have fallen in love with - he is 12 year older then me works with me, hr owns his own house has no children of his own - totally respects me and my children and our home.

I have 2 other 12 age 15 & 14 who are happy for me to be happy - although the 14 year old doesn't like to share my attention on a Saturday night but they aren't saying stuff what my eldest is saying

Throughout my life I have battled with drink but have been sober for 4 years - I've told my partner the most of my issues however I ha a little relapse last week and it was a blip - I understand my son worry but he has put 2& 2 together and think it's related to my new partner. My son accepts it's not but as said he is not to stay at our house but yet my son is out all weekend and I am wrong to allow my son to dictate who covmes in my house etc I am a good judge of character and it's taken me years to find someone I felt I could trust in my home.

I am so angry that my son feels he can dictate to me who comes to this house - he is not my parent he does not pay the bills put food on the table and is hardly ever home or do I give in and let this man go just so my 20 year son doesn't feel need to be my parent ???

user1482778112 Mon 26-Dec-16 18:58:00

Well is your son correct, was the new partner the cause of your relapse? If so I can understand his thinking, but either way you are the parent and only you can say who is or isn't allowed in your house.

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