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Ford Ranger 12v Black From kids cars direct

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s33hjs Tue 20-Dec-16 16:40:57

I bought this for my son in September for Christmas and just went to build, it has a lot more technical components to attach then described and when we went to put together the wires where too short and would not connect! When we contacted the company direct to report this we spoke to the owner who told us it wasn't the end of the world and if we took the full bottom off the car and pulled the wires it would fit. Firstly I should not have to be doing this and secondly when I did this it still did not fit! When we spoke back with company they stated we bought in September so why have we waited till now to build, to which I informed when you have children you buy early to make sure you have it in and this is not the point, the point is the car is faulty and the fact my son won't have his main Christmas present is the end of the world to me as no one wants to disappoint their children. I have taken the car to a mechanic to put longer wires in and when the company found this out they then offered to exchange the car up to this point they kept implying I had not fitted the part correctly and put the blame on me . I wasn't looking to blame anyone just wanted a working car for my son. I would strongly recommend you do not use this company as they really have no idea what customer service is all they are concerned with is taking your money!

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