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Coil not fitted properly,chances of pregnancy

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Kad2005 Tue 13-Dec-16 14:06:13

I went to get my coil remove coz of so much bleeding all the time. To my surprise i was told it was not fix probably so that the cause of the bleeding coz i have 2 cut by the side. Now am thinking if there is a chance that i could get pregnant because i had sex 2× in my fertile days and get the coil removed 2 days after my fertile day.

LornaMumsnet (MNHQ) Tue 13-Dec-16 19:44:34

Hi Kad!

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This particular topic is quite quiet... It's more for new-comers to introduce themselves.

We think you'd get a far more helpful response if you posted under our pregnancy topic.

We really hope this helps.

Do give us a shout if there's anything we can help with!

Stitchfusion Tue 13-Dec-16 19:47:32

You can get pregnant with the coil fitted properly as well.

Kad2005 Fri 16-Dec-16 15:06:21

Thanks for replying. I have been having symptoms like, feeling sleeping all d time. peeing frequently, but just did a test now but it negative. maybe it too early. ALso got this terrible backache and light cramps. DO u think this are all sign of pregnancy.

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