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What clothes do I need for a newborn?

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CluelessWithTwins Wed 16-Nov-16 16:22:05

Hello! Just wanted to get some advice on what clothes I should buy for my twins, who are expected in February. Specifically, when do babies wear bodysuits and since I'm expecting in Feb should I buy the long sleeved ones (i.e. because it'll be cold when they arrive) or are there any occasions when I might need the short sleeve/sleeveless versions? Also, when do I use rompers/playsuits? Are they day wear that can be worn on their own? Any advice about what clothes to buy and when I should use them very much appreciated. x

Meadows76 Wed 16-Nov-16 16:38:32

There are no specifics. I never used long sleeved vests (bodysuits) as the sleeves just got caught awkwardly in the sleeves of the clothing above it. Some people just use a baby grow type thing over and others use clothes. Mine always had outfits over a short sleeved vest. Some people never use a vest - entirely up to yourself

user1470686892 Wed 16-Nov-16 16:39:29

DIL is expecting twins in February too, although she has been told she will probably have them mid January.

The advice seems to be baby grows and more baby baby grows for the first couple of months because they are easy and you will pass over the fussy stuff for quickness.

So we have bought plain white for night to save the fancier ones for daytime with a little cardigan if needed.

A pram suit each, plenty of vests, loads of muslin cloths and bibs and thats it for now as people will no doubt buy outfits when they arrive.

Congratulations, exciting isn't it?

Sunnydawn Wed 16-Nov-16 16:43:20

I had two winter babies - vest (with poppers and short sleeves), with a long sleeved babygrow over the top is fine. Then, a cardigan if it is chilly.

Keep to colours you can wash together, as you will be washing a lot!

CluelessWithTwins Wed 16-Nov-16 19:45:41

Thanks so much for the advice everyone! Very useful as the books don't seem to explain when different clothes should be worn.

user1470686892- congratulation to your DIL too! My due date is actually mid March but have been told to expect my twins in Feb.

Sleepybeanbump Wed 16-Nov-16 19:51:24

I had for a December baby:
Short sleeved bodysuits x12
Sleep suits x12
Some cardigans (3 or 4?)
Hats (one or two cottony ones and a proper outdoor one)
Pramsuit (actually I had a Star Wrap which was the most awesome but ever)
Honestly, he just wore plain white sleepsuits day in and day out for the first...quite a few weeks...
Good luck! This was me last year - I was so confused about what to buy!

Kel1234 Wed 16-Nov-16 19:55:34

I had short sleeved vests (body suits) and baby grows (sleep suits). And light cardigans. That's all he wore for the first month. When he was about a month I started putting him in little outfits during the day, and babygrow at night.
I love newborns in baby grows, they look so sweet.
Oh and little hats as well, and some sleep suits have attached mittens, but if not mittens as well to stop them scratching.

Kel1234 Wed 16-Nov-16 19:58:10

Oh I forgot bibs, (I never had muslins at all but I know many swear by them) and you will need pram suits as you're due in Feb. (I didn't need one as I was due late August, but had baby early September, but it wasn't cold enough. Knitted or wolly cardigans and jackets were warm enough)

Lireal Wed 16-Nov-16 20:15:29

You could try buying a bundle of clothes off ebay.
I would suggest 5 bodysuits, 5 sleepsuits and 3 knitted cardigans and a couple of dribble bibs for each baby. You can always buy more easily in most supermarkets. Perhaps one or two special outfits for photos, etc. They will grow out of newborn clothes within a month.
Although with twins you may need tiny newborn sizes?
Dont forget integral scratchmitts.
After a month I found it easier to have baby in a bodysuit, knitted cardigan and joggers/leggings. I find all the poppers fiddly.

ivykaty44 Wed 16-Nov-16 20:55:47

The best item of clothing I had at night was a nightgown

Long with cuffed elastic at the end

Poppers down the front

Really easy to change nappies at night

I can't see them but you can get long cuffed nightgowns

So easy to pull up, change nappy and pull back down.

user1470686892 Wed 16-Nov-16 21:22:24

Do you know what you're having clueless?

DIL is having boy/girl so also buying a lot of gender neutral to save faffing around...first up, best dressed!

CluelessWithTwins Wed 16-Nov-16 22:09:35

Thank you so much everyone!! Really useful. I feel a lot more confident to start buying things now. It's so confusing as there is so much choice/so many different options out there!! Great to hear what everyone else bought though.

user1470686892- we're having a boy/girl set of twins too! Am going to mostly stick to neutral colours so clothes can be worn by both, but might have to buy a few pink and blue matching outfits too... wink

user1470686892 Sat 19-Nov-16 00:02:23

Comeback and show us a pic of them in their outfits when they arrive clueless smile

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