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user1478975117 Sat 12-Nov-16 18:36:03

I need some help so yesterday i found out i was pregnant, the 1st day of my last period was the 10/10/16 i slept with someone on the 15/10/16, then someone on the 28/10/16 my ovulation day was from the 24th i need help to work out which one is the dad???

ColdCottage Mon 14-Nov-16 12:24:58

Ouch. I think I would speak to my GP to get some precessional advice or the local GUM clinic as they would have a better idea.

Right now concentrate on taking care of yourself and congratulations.

Julie2908 Tue 15-Nov-16 08:51:59

5dpt through ivf really want to start testing I know it's too early but this 2ww is driving me mad

DianaMitford Tue 15-Nov-16 09:23:16

It can only be the second guy, surely?

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