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Hi im a newbie

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Tashlou Wed 09-Nov-16 19:36:12

Hi im a newbie and would like to ask if any of you might know the best place to go or where on the net could i get a twin stroller for my tallish 10 year old please?? Everywhere ive looked they are all so small

Allalonenow Wed 09-Nov-16 19:45:58

Have a look at the very bottom of this page for "Full Talk Topic List" click to open and all the various boards are there. I'm sure you will find a board where you will get the advice you need if you post your query there, perhaps in Parenting or Special Needs?
Hope you find what you need. smile

abandonedbyafool Mon 21-Nov-16 13:39:52

My first post anywhere, ever.
My husband of 25 years left 10 months ago. The night before we had been planning our hols laughing and joking. He went to work then rang to say he had had a year long affair and had to tell me as the husband was threatening to otherwise. Don't think he's seen her since. She's a trollop a mom of my kids friend who's had lots of affairs with local men and she's dying ( cancer) anyway so not bothered about her.
We have three kids. Two eldest 17 and 19 sat they will never see him again as he betrayed and lied to them too.
My youngest is disabled. So we will always have to be a family because of her needs. I want my kids to love and have their Dad in their lives.
I am strong. I can cope and have coped and will cope on my own. But I don't want to. I want the opportunity to try to put right what was wrong before he had affair.
He says he doesn't love me anymore. He has turned into mr angry.
Won't talk, agree to counselling, explain, say sorry, agree to spend any time with me even if I promise not to talk about us... it's so so painful.
I just want him back but I want a different relationship too as I realise it was not perfect and I accept my failings too whilst do not excuse in any way his affair. I want my lovely family back.
Any ideas?

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