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YouTube Docu-mini-taries

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Dad1972 Fri 04-Nov-16 16:03:01

I have two boys 7 & 8... they are both obsessed with YouTube, football and computer games. Nothing strange there!
However I was a bit worried that their interaction with YouTube was not particularly positive, and so I thought that I would try and encourage them to interact in a more creative way.
So we started making little Docu-mini-taries (5 minutes) about subjects that interest them. With these we would create a channel and try and get lots of people to come and watch them.
My eldest has the modest ambition of attracting 100 subscribers... my youngest is less modest and wants 11 million.
Please take a look, maybe show your kids, and see if you like them. If you like then please subscribe (and share) and know that you have made two little boys very happy. Feedback is always very welcome!
Many thanks

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