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Latymer entrance exam 2016 question

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Drtbith Mon 24-Oct-16 07:12:42

Was wondering if all kids who took the Latymer (Edmonton) entrance exam this year and were in the hall where the kids were let out on to the sports field at the back of the school afterwards, got a letter saying they were not in the top 1000. Beginning to think something may have gone wrong in this room as know three kids who got this letter but either got into or were ranked for other schools. This is not a pattern that fits kids who took the exam, that I know of in other areas of the school. It's a very competitive process and although I can accept these kids may not have done well enough to get in, but is it a coincidence they were all in the bottom 1000+? I would be interested to know if any kids taking the exam in that particular area got the same or a different letter.

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