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Newbie too

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Madgwick Tue 18-Oct-16 08:00:10


I haven't used a forum site before. Just had our first IVF failure and need some support/advice Where is the best place to start on here?


dottysoph26 Tue 18-Oct-16 17:34:13

Hi sweetie. I'm a new lady here to. Just saw your message. And sending you a hug for your failed ivf round. I definitely no what your feeling. I to have had ivf only way I could become a mum. My 1st cycle failed sweetie and it's so hard to deal with especially when most people around you don't really know how you feel. There not in your shoes. Hard enough going through all them injections tests egg collection. Right up to the test. To have it slammed in ya face. Let me tell you now you get stronger. Don't beat yoyr self up about it. And also let your other half just hold you and hold him. I can say now I'm a mum to a 4 year old daughter. Through ivf my 2nd cycle worked and could not believe it. There is hope and stay positive hunni sending you my love and thoughts through this time xxx

Madgwick Tue 18-Oct-16 17:54:25

Hi dottysoph,

Thank you for the hug, have needed a lot of those over the last few days, it is way much tougher than I thought. Glad to hear you were lucky on your second try smile.
I managed to find the infertility bit of this site eventually and have posted a bit more about our journey so far. I know I'll get some information from our review meeting at our clinic but hoping to hear other people's experience of what's involved for FET as we are an NHS referral at a private clinic we have to use the frozen embie first.

dottysoph26 Tue 18-Oct-16 18:40:50

Bless you definitely good to talk to others who know. Not sure if you have heard of a site called it was a god send to me and met some lovely ladies. And long life friends. The support was amazing. I never did a fet. As my 1st cycle didn't have any good little embryos left. And also mine was nhs cycles hun. First was oxford via Cambridge and then I changed to Herts and Essex via Cambridge. You need time to recover I think between 1st and 2nd I had to wait 6 months but I think it's less for fet. How many ice babies have you got? And how many nhs full cycles have you got? Btw I was 37 when my 2nd worked. So are also is just a number. And don't look to much into % I found than made me negative. Xx

Madgwick Tue 18-Oct-16 19:04:14

Thank you, I'll have a look for it.
We've got one ice baby. We ended up with two blastocyst, had one transferred and one frozen. We get three tries on NHS but if there are any frosties from first cycle you have to use those first so not sure if that only counts as two full cycles. I'm 39, 40 next May so we are a bit time limited for NHS help. Hoping just need a bit of luck as responded ok to all the drugs, although PCOS didn't help as meant clinic were really cautious with doses and extended the injections by almost a week. Trying to limit how much I google!

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