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10 week old will only sleep in sling in day

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debz222000 Thu 13-Oct-16 11:42:16

I am getting desperate now! My 10 week old little girl has never ever slept anywhere other than in the sling since she was born, not for want of trying. Overnight she co-sleeps and does fine, but in the daytime I have to bounce her to sleep on a fitness ball in the sling. She fights it but will eventually go to sleep. Only thing is she is getting heavier and it's a strain on my back carrying her around and I'm worried about going anywhere where I don't have the ball to get her to sleep. Even when she is in a deep sleep I cannot put her down as she wakes up with a minute or so and cries and we are back at square one with her fighting and scratching. I have tried hot water bottle, clothes that smell like me, swing, white noise, dream sheep, shushing, patting, music/lullabies, letting her cry, calming her and putting her back down, pushchair, car rides and no luck. I am getting desperate now and it's really getting me down. I don't even want to go out as I'm worried she will be a nightmare. Can anyone offer any advice or suggestions as to how I can get her to sleep in a cot please? She wont take a dummy- gags on it and I've tried several types and sizes and on many occasions.

Coconut0il Fri 14-Oct-16 22:18:58

There is a sleep section where you may get more advice but the only places my DS2 would ever sleep were on my lap or in his bouncy chair, only if I was bouncing it.
I used to feed him to sleep and kept him on my lap or I could bounce, bounce, bounce him in the chair till he slept. He would scream in the car seat or pushchair. He was never one of the peaceful sleeping babies I saw being pushed around. It was hard and I did plan my day round naps at home but it really does pass quickly. He's 14 months now and he still naps on my lap if I'm at home but he will nap in the pushchair if I'm at work. It's also much easier to take him out and about.

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