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Married and lonley

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QueenieBae123 Fri 07-Oct-16 13:53:54

So, I left my job six months ago to go back to university full time. since then I have been so busy with placements, childcare and assignments. I am on my two weeks hoiliday. Kids are in school, DH is working long hours and coming home nearly 10pm every night. We are not in a very good place at present but I am not worrying about that for now as there is very little i can do about it until i finish my course in two years. I have dealt with distance between me and DH in the past by having a good network of friends. Most of the friends have moved away. I am struggling with this stage in my life, I never saw it coming and definitely not well prepared for it. Any suggestions on how I can make friends again. I feel like I am going in ABYSS....... Thanks.

Pixie5439 Mon 10-Oct-16 20:37:41

Hiya it's quite sad to know you are at that place but I've found uni to be a good place to meet people and make new friends. You have to go out of your comfort zone to get there tho.

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