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ConsentImplied Mon 03-Oct-16 21:25:42

Hey everybody! I'm pretty new to the site, thought I'd branch out a bit and say hello. Do not have kids but know the ups and downs they bring (eldest child with many siblings/cousins etc). I came across a few bits on the net and really liked the sense of humour on here. Look forward to talking to you all smile

Vickyevans788 Tue 04-Oct-16 16:52:36

Hi I'm a newbie and looking for some advice. My daughter is 14 and been at a gymnastics club since she was 7. She is in the top squad and is a level 4 gymnast for ukg. The problem we are having is she really can't see her dreams coming true with ukg but is loyal to her coach and team. She realises that she needs to do BG competitions but the club owner has basically said she will not be part of BG. The problem there is when we joined it was and was told that going over to ukg would not affect her chances in gymnastics. I was just hoping someone might have some insight to this problem, I do realise that the simple option would be to trial other clubs, that are BG registered club, but she would really like to find a solution with out letting her team and coach down. TIA for any advice anyone can give. X

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