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American needs to know where to shop

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PITA5000 Fri 12-Aug-16 14:36:22

Time to get my head outside of the big box shopping model:

Specifically, I need to purchase some small appliances;
Hair dryer
Electric kettle
Toaster oven
Clothing iron

Typically, I would go to a target store in US, I am not sure what kind of store I need here in the UK. Would like to of course find most reasonable prices for quality products.

I would also like to purchase a laundry drying rack - I want a really good/big one. Any suggestions for a store that would have a large variety of these?


daisygirlmac Fri 12-Aug-16 14:38:55

Hi! There are lots of places you could try, Asda would be good as a pretty one stop shop, or pretty much any of the big supermarkets - Tesco, Morrisons, Sainsburys. Argos would have everything you need. If you have a B&M near you they tend to be very good value

ThinkPinkStink Fri 12-Aug-16 14:39:30

Hi there, welcome to the UK!

The go-to place for products like this is John Lewis, they tend to sell a broad variety of good-quality household items. They also offer two years warranty as standard.

You can shop online or in store and they are generally considered to be a bit of a British hero brand.

Argos is another option, it's more affordable than John Lewis, but less of a 'pleasant day out' I strongly suggest you order online and then pick-up form the store, rather than going into the store and ordering there.

LemonDr1zzle Fri 12-Aug-16 14:39:55

I buy all of that from John Lewis either online or visit a store. They also sell airers (drying racks) and will deliver for free. And they have 2 year guarantees on electrical goods as standard. Yes I'm a John Lewis fan.

anotherBadAvatar Fri 12-Aug-16 14:40:07

Get thee to John Lewis.

Whereabouts are you?

And welcome BTW (from a fellow Yank)

sn1ce Fri 12-Aug-16 14:40:07

If you're near one John Lewis department store would have everything and they do a price guarantee if you find it cheaper (except online only stores)

EssentialHummus Fri 12-Aug-16 14:40:39

If you are looking for the standard brands, I'd recommend Argos. John Lewis will also have all of those, and will "price match" cheaper retailers if you can prove the lower price.

The larger "superstore" branches of supermarkets like Sainsbury's and Tescos will also sell these, but price and quality is less consistent in my experience.

GinandJag Fri 12-Aug-16 14:40:54

You'll struggle to find a toaster oven.

Agree with TPA. Also, electrical shops such as Currys.

EssentialHummus Fri 12-Aug-16 14:41:08

Cross-posted with everyone! grin

HooseRice Fri 12-Aug-16 14:41:47

Look at the things on Argos or anywhere else cheap website then go into John Lewis and ask them to price match the same items. That way you get the cheapest price with best guarantees.

EmpressTomatoKetchup Fri 12-Aug-16 14:41:49


FreeButtonBee Fri 12-Aug-16 14:43:18

John Lewis. Go in store to get an idea of brands/ functions.

Apart form hairdryer. Get a parlux on Amazon. They are fabulous.

LadyMonicaBaddingham Fri 12-Aug-16 14:44:42

You can get a toaster oven in Argos. This one

Want2bSupermum Fri 12-Aug-16 14:46:26

Ovens in the UK are much smaller and it is much colder so you don't need a toaster oven. If you want a coffee machine go to john lewis or costco.

John Lewis (called the mothership in my family) is the easy option but you will spend more than if you go to a supermarket, Argos (cheaper options/brands) or amazon.

PITA5000 Fri 12-Aug-16 19:46:52

Thank you one and all!

PITA5000 Fri 12-Aug-16 20:27:48

Can I get any feedback on Wilko?


LBOCS2 Fri 12-Aug-16 20:35:34

Wilko? Like Argos but with less choice.

If you want an idea of which the best performing appliances are, have a look at Which? too - you can get a month's subscription for £1, look everything up and then cancel it.

I'm confused. What are toaster ovens actually for?!

WhoTheFuckIsSimon Fri 12-Aug-16 20:39:33

Never heard of a toaster oven.

But everything else I would order from Amazon generally.

If I wanted to actually see an iron before buying I might go to Currys.

Bigger Tesco or asda stores also an option.

I always think Wilko is cheap and not good quality bug not been in one for a long time.

WhoTheFuckIsSimon Fri 12-Aug-16 20:40:29

Lakeland might be good for laundry racks.

Nydj Fri 12-Aug-16 20:50:17

Lakeland and John Lewis both sell the same toaster oven - John Lewis online has two different ones.

eurochick Fri 12-Aug-16 20:55:18

A large supermarket or John Lewis will sort you out. Supermarkets generally have cheaper stuff, JL more expensive but it is not an absolute divide.

FreeButtonBee Fri 12-Aug-16 21:11:42

If you're in London them John Lewis is the only place to actually see stuff. There are just not enough big box retailers in zone 1/2 and even 3 in most parts of the city. If out of the m25 then a big tesco or curry superstore will be better.

FlissMumsnet (MNHQ) Sun 14-Aug-16 22:28:59

Hi PITA5000,

Happy Shopping!

Big thanks to everyone for all your great ideas.

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