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37,3 kids, pill for many yrs, tried coil both types, long story hoping for some advise

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MrsT000 Thu 04-Aug-16 00:15:54

Hi all, I'm 37 nearly(Sunday) I have 3 kids (19,16&8) bn on pill for quite awhile, decided lst April 2 try for anotha baby. Came off pill, irregular periods & neg pregnancy tests, docs suggested scan. Found out I have polycystic ovaries so decided against trying for baby no 4. Copper coil fitted, bleed all way through but sex drive fine. Mirena coil fitted, no sex drive, mood swings through the roof, bleeding on/off so decided 2 get it took out. It's bn a wk or so now still not 100% bk to normal Jst wondering how long it takes as such after removal ? Any advice at all welcome plz & also how old is too old 2 have a baby ? Thanks for reading & sorry for tmi x

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