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I'm new here, need help! Exclusively breastfed baby, possible silent reflux, only settles on breast

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appleanna Tue 12-Jul-16 20:03:40

So I'm new to mumsnet (and motherhood) and I apologise in advance if my story is long winded but here goes..

This is my first baby who is currently 9 weeks old. She has been suffering with what we believe to be silent reflux since being about a week old. We are awaiting a diagnosis/treatment from a paediatrician after dealing with many unsympathetic doctors! (But that's a whole other story)

She is exclusively breastfed, which I love and have been so determined to do from day one. However, I suffer with chronic fatigue syndrome, so along with being a new mum and the supposed silent reflux alone, this is very challenging and completely exhausting for me.

Basically, it feels as if she is constantly feeding on me throughout the day, with her average feeds being about 15 mins long, 2/3hrs apart. I know this is all part of breastfeeding and being a mum in general but I just feel as if the whole day has to revolve around her feeds. I struggle to get anything done let alone go anywhere or have any 'me' time.

With the reflux she is very distressed and in pain throughout the day most days and won't go down in her Moses basket, so I end up either carrying her around or having her in a sling (again completely exhausting for me, especially with CFS which affects your joints and muscles)

I have tried expressing breast milk, getting someone else to give it to her, tried several dummies, but she is only ever satisfied/settled when she is on my breast! I have a very supportive partner and mum who do everything they can to help me out when they are not at work but when she is suffering bad with reflux, I seem to be the only one who can settle her effectively.

I love breastfeeding and I don't want to give it up but I am constantly completely drained and I really need the option of having those precious 'me' time moments and the freedom to go out. I have considered combined feeding but am I just going to be in the same situation with the bottle alone not settling her?

I was planning to breastfeed for 6 months and perhaps introduce formula once we start weaning her. I also wanted the option of her being able to have formula for the odd day or night if I have an event to go to. However, this doesn't look like a possibility as she doesn't seem to be satisfied unless she has the comfort of my breast.

I am just wondering if anyone else has had any similar experience like this at all and/or if anyone has any advice they can give me.

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