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Teenage depression and anxiety

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Jazz2000 Sun 10-Jul-16 23:12:26

My son is currently a patient of camhs. He is getting well looked after. Im struggling handing him over. Im his mam! Always kept him safe but now i cant. Please can anyone tell me it gets better

user1467995890 Wed 13-Jul-16 07:42:52

I'm new here (this is my first post!)and one reason I joined was because of my teenage son and wanting somewhere to voice my worries and share experiences. Somewhere I might be able to get some reassurance.
How old is your son? With regards to does it gets better?..... Well, I'm trying to stay positive and notice every tiny little good thing. from personal experience though I know this an be as difficult at times as finding a needle in a haystack! Hang in there. I think it's more me learning better coping strategies as well as him getting better.

user1468441636 Thu 14-Jul-16 12:24:51

Hi, I'm in the same situation, new here and joined as I am worried about my 17 year old son. He has no drive, no self esteem, doesn't see friends, spends all day in his room is impossible to talk to and is so angry. CAMHS are not interested as he's almost 18 and he's been given a number and website to get in touch with. I'm trying to gently persuade him to use them but I'm on egg shells. I am really struggling with the best way to communicate with him, I go through leaving him to get in with it and trying to talk to him which always inflames him and he ends up screaming and punching the walls.

fatgirlsli Sat 16-Jul-16 21:25:34

Jazz i know exactly how you feel,my 14 yr old son has been with camhs since he was 12. He too suffers anxiety and depression,he was diagnosed with aspergers after much pushing from me,as i always thought it was this. Last yr was terrible yr with him,i was almost suicidal,this yr has been better , im dealing with him in a different manner,he is not as aggressive or down but obviously he has his bad days. I can also tell you from my own experience ,i was a very depressed teenager,self harming etc, but i know no why this was ,back then i was just lashing out and to this day only i still know why,my family who were lovely by the way just think i went a bit wild,but it was so much more,sadly i had nobody to tell,so i would definitly advise you to make sure there isnt a sinister reason for his behaviour. if you want to talk please let me know ,i know the pain you are going through more than most.

user1467995890 Sun 17-Jul-16 12:15:06

Hi again,
A common theme seems to be feeling let down by cahms. I know I have struggled and still am to try and get the right support for my son. It took violent outbursts and an alleged suicide attempt to eventually even be pushed up the 28 week waiting list. Now I still feel there is an underlying issue but cahms keep poo pooing my views. My son is very untelligent and agencies have said this means he canbe very manipulative and I think he is saying what they need to hear. We've managed to support him to get him through his as levels but he's waiting to see if he's allows back to complete his a levels. It was only our intervention that stopped him being kicked out. Hope it all gets better for you all, or that you grow in strength to help handle it all.

user1467995890 Sun 17-Jul-16 12:19:21

Oops dropped phone and hit post before I'd finished! Can you tell I'm new to this!;). It's so frustrating to hear that so many people are desperate for help and support. I know from talking to people that this age between child and adult is turmultuous and it's hard that they are treated like an adult sometimes and a child the next. Here's hoping we all can look back in years to come and say, hey, look what we all got through!

Mobyduck1 Wed 03-Aug-16 14:36:52

New on here so apologies if get stuff wrong but I have a DD 17 who has been under cahms for anxiety issues and has recently tried on overdose . I get that it is a cry for help but it is so hard when it all feels like a game , she knows all the right words and things to say , she has been self harming for the last few weeks , sleeps ,low mood and generally low . I have done my best to support but feel so alone with this as step parent just thinks it's attention seeking to cause us problems and he now suggesting we don't take her on holiday abroad soon as "punishment " how can I get him to see that this is real for her and punishing is not the answer . Cahms are generally useless and only hear what's told to them and don't seem to try and find out the whole story ...frustrated

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