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Introducing myself!

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ADHDMumofThree Sun 19-Jun-16 22:16:10

Hi, just signed up and I've taken a quick look around. I've just started blogging and noticed the mumsnet bloggers network thing so thought I'd apply and it asked if I wanted to join the main site. I figured that would be the sensible thing to do and already I've been shocked, surprised and amused by the general level of banter.

Looks like I may have found the right place to come and download when I'm stressed!

Anyway, see you around!

user1470250042 Wed 03-Aug-16 23:35:21

Hello there, I'm knew here and seems you found this site far easier than me. These sites are Ajmer field sometimes, but yes, defiantly lots of different topics that sometimes I can't quit believe what the hell im reading here! Great to chat to people though. What is your blog about? Hope to chat soon.

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