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Newbie :)

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SimplyBeautifyByMaria Wed 08-Jun-16 20:36:04

Hi, Im New smile My name is Maria and Im a mum to 3 older kids (23, 19 and 15) and I have 2 grandchildren aged 3 & 2. I live in Northallerton, I run a business from home as well as working full time. I love baking, walking and my furbabies, a 2 year old labrador, and 2 cats aged 4 & 5. smile

user1465417083 Wed 08-Jun-16 23:15:14

Hi I'm a first time chatter here. An older mum to a 12 yr 46 and a furmumsy to three a golden retriever 2 a maine coon 3 and a British shorthand 2. Xxxz

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