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part time nanny search - tips needed

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JoyCarshalton Tue 31-May-16 14:12:34

Hi! everyone.

Has anyone any ideas where to look for a good and affordable part time nanny ?
I believe it is also called ' ad hoc' nanny ?

I have registered to e- sites but donot know where to start and who to trust.
I also noticed that although I put our specific needs in my profile, I get e-mails from inappropriate people for the job who are just desperate to start any paid job. It is a waste of time.

As me and my husband work full time ,we are away from home on weekdays from 7am to 6 , or even 7pm.

Our son who is going to primary school in Sutton ,attends an after school club, and recently found a school- registered lovely childminder for early drop off before school .

We try to organise everything in advance , as we cannot afford to pay a fortune in last minute care, and also we have no relatives or close friends to help around.
At the moment we lack a part time credible nanny to look after our child at home. We wouldnot mind to share .

I really find it difficult to trust strangers , need ways to cross check they would not harm, or mistreat my child, or even more to be unsuitable to let them stay in our home during our absence. Surely , we are not the only ones with those issues.
Problem is we are new in the area as we relocated only few months ago and I am full of anxiety thoughts as well ....

nannynick Tue 31-May-16 21:25:58

An after-school nanny position is not going to pay a great deal and thus won't suit lots of people. It may suit someone in your local area, someone who already has other work in the morning perhaps, or someone with their own young child (are you open to having someone bring their child with them... known as a NWOC - Nanny With Own Child).
A part-time ad-hoc nanny will be even harder to find, as you won't be guaranteeing them any work. Your current solution of a childminder and after-school club sounds like a good solution, so not sure what you are after... maybe an evening babysitter?

Online sites like and can be useful but will involve you doing a lot of messaging people to find someone suitable. You may prefer someone else to do that for you, so using a nanny agency may be an option.

Finding an evening babysitter - talk to other parents, advertise locally - see if any local newsagents offers low cost advertising. Online sites can work but you will need to sift through the applicants and always meet people first.

You will find a lot of discussion and information about nannies on the Home Childcare board, so do pop on over and have a read. We often cover information about employing a nanny, such as doing payroll, holiday entitlement, that sort of thing. You will also read about what sort of issues crop up from parents and nannies. Nannyshares are also mentioned from time to time, there are various pros and cons.

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