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Am I the only one?

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chickenowner Sun 27-Mar-16 11:15:06

Hello mumsnetters!

I have just joined mumsnet today and wondered if there are any others out there who don't have children? I live very happily with my DP and various animals, but have never wanted children.

(I may be crazy to have joined mumsnet, but I find it a brilliant place for advice, chat etc that is non-child based!)

Sparklingbrook Mon 28-Mar-16 18:53:19

Hi chicken I have two pesky teenagers but just wanted to say welcome. What assorted animals do you have?

Sparklingbrook Mon 28-Mar-16 18:54:48

D'oh! I guess you have some chickens. tbublush

chickenowner Tue 29-Mar-16 16:10:11

Thank you Sparklingbrook!

We have a dog and 4 chickens. :-) Our dog is a rescue animal and has rather a lot of issues, and needs lots of patience. The chickens are hilarious and entertaining, and lay the most delicious eggs. :-)

Sparklingbrook Tue 29-Mar-16 17:30:26

My friend used to have chickens and the eggs always tasted way better than shop ones.

Rescue pets are the best.

Are you finding your around MN OK?

LiviaDrusillaAugusta Tue 29-Mar-16 17:42:43

There are a lot of us who don't have children - some members are trying for them/have step children/nieces/nephews etc and some who have never had and never intend to have them!

I am firmly in the latter category - I ended up on here when I was looking for advice on something and stayed!

Welcome to MN - hope you are enjoying it so far!

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