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Waters started leaking at 17+6

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kellie81welshy Sat 19-Mar-16 08:46:20

Hey guys my waters started leaking at 17+6 I admitted my self to hospital and they have given me antibiotics just incase of infection and I've had a scan and I've lost hell of a lot of water. It was below the 5th centile which means I have less than 5% of water protecting the baby they give me the option of termination which is obviously a no go.theyve told me I can go into labour over the next few days. I'm now 18+3 I'm at home on complete bed rest I have a scan on Wednesday 23.3.16 to c of my waters have risen anyone else had this and went on to have a healthy pregnancy or baby thanks

BikeRunSki Sat 19-Mar-16 08:51:51

I'm sorry I have no advice or experience, but I think you'll get more replies by reposting this on the Pregnancy board.

Pregnancy board

BingoBonkers Sun 20-Mar-16 15:42:13

I would also recommend the pregnancy boards. Hope you're being a very good patient and doing nothing as per Drs orders. Know it's hard. Hope scan goes well.

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