Moving to Lincolnshire?

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Cuckoosister Sat 29-Aug-20 15:10:18

Hi,sorry if this is posted in wrong area.Looking at a possible move to Lincolnshire from Wiltshire.House prices guiding me as it’s so expensive in Wiltshire.I have one daughter aged 10 who has autism and special needs and needs a Special School.Been looking at Lincoln itself,Sleaford,Grantham and Boston.Opinions please,ideally a 4 bed detached with a big garden would be top of my list house wise and quiet area too.Not sure about village life either.I don’t drive and other half will be working away half the week back in the south west,sorry for waffling post😫.

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summerinthecity22 Sat 05-Sep-20 13:35:21

Hi - I lived in Lincoln for a while. It's a nice little "city". If you are looking to live in Lincoln itself - good areas are West End and Uphill. I would avoid High Street and anything around Monks Road.

We lived between West End and Uphill and had a lovely 3 bed semi. Huge rooms, massive gallery kitchen and big garden. Lovely neighbours. Only moved as I got a promotion for work to York ( another Cathedral city and just as lovely!😊).

The Christmas markets in Lincoln are fantastic - your daughter will love going to those - (when they are back on post Covid etc!!)

There's a common park/ walking area near the West End which is nice for walks and picnics. Uphill / Steep Hill
Is just gorgeous- lovely boutique shops and great restaurants.

If you don't fancy "village" life - Lincoln is good place to start. It has been 10 years since we lived there so I'm not sure what property prices are like now but they were always pretty good. The University brought heaps of investment to the place and basically turned it around. The Bradford area has heaps of restaurants now and an Odeon cinema - all on walking distance to West End!

Good luck. Hope that helps. And all the best in good old Lincoln!

DameXanaduBramble Sat 05-Sep-20 13:39:43

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NotMeNoNo Sat 05-Sep-20 13:48:43

I grew up in Lincolnshire but I don't really know about the schools these days. Apologies if you have already thought about this.

From experience I would say, find the right school first, then look for a home near it. In villages you can find yourself quite remote from the support you need for SEN including well equipped and informed schools as well as access to various specialists/clinics etc. Lincoln is a lovel small city in the centre of a large and sparsely populated county. To be honest I would look for a cheap house elsewhere in the Midlands that is less cut off. It's one thing growing up somewhere like that with your family and support network around you, quite another moving into a close community with a child who may not make friends easily, unless you are super outgoing and sociable. Living in a large house and garden won't make up for that.

If you are in the area north of Birmingham for example it's much more accessible to the South West by any means of transport but still pretty affordable and with much more access to facilities.

NotMeNoNo Sat 05-Sep-20 13:54:36

I have an ASD child who I've had to navigate into secondary school, that's the thing! We actually had to move house and area so the children could go to a suitable school.

NotMeNoNo Sat 05-Sep-20 13:57:28

Also if you ask for this to be moved to Property & DIY that's where discussions about where to buy a house tend to be. smile.

DameXanaduBramble Sat 05-Sep-20 17:30:12

Not sure why my comment about Lincs was deleted. In my opinion it’s backwards, racist and miles from anywhere. I’m not the only person to think this either. It might help someone thinking of moving there. Honestly, this place.

Cuckoosister Sat 05-Sep-20 21:23:04

Thanks,that’s very useful to know which areas are good.I went to the Christmas market years ago and I agree it’s a wonderful experience.

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Cuckoosister Sat 05-Sep-20 21:25:31

Great advice,thanks for replying.My house has sold and I’m feeling the pressure to find somewhere quickly.🤔

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