Traveling with a toddler - our experience

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conanthie Thu 21-Feb-19 09:19:51

Prior having our son, my husband and I used to travel abroad at least twice a year. It was something that we both looked forward to and we enjoyed it thoroughly. We are not huge adventures of the outdoors but we love going to museums, walking the new cities we visit to see the architecture and discover local gems, taste the local cuisine, try new things, educate ourselves for all the city is famous and not so famous for. Even the whole airport experience never bothered us, we were actually considering it quite enjoyable too. Traveling has always been our gift to ourselves.

I knew when we became pregnant that we would continue to do the same with our son. The first year, we only planned a couple staycations within Cyprus (not because we had a child but because we had too much work). Exclusive breastfeeding gives you a freedom to do whatever you want with your baby because really you are a moving milk bar and any sterilisers, bottles, formula milks are unnecessary. When he was 14 months old it was more difficult because he had trouble sleeping anywhere but his own cot in his own bedroom so that staycation left us a bit traumatised. Until about a month before his second birthday when we had our first family trip abroad.

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elQuintoConyo Thu 21-Feb-19 09:24:10

Damnit, that's where we went wrong. Lugging all that formula and sterilising shit and bottles around a hot country cos I didn't breastfeed.

I'm not clicking the link to read more of your smugness.

conanthie Thu 21-Feb-19 09:56:28

Oh no! I'm so sorry if you found it disrespectful!! I honestly did not write it to cause any controversy, I'm all about fed is best; just breastfeeding it was what worked for us! I just wrote it to point out that as a baby it was so easy, as a 14 month old not so much and then I detail our experience at traveling at 23 months old. All our experiences, really not for a second I thought it could be considered offensive.

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