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Is sexting classed as cheating? And if so should I leave

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Fightflighticantseethelight Fri 10-Aug-18 19:10:57

My girlfriend is a compulsive liar that is a 100% fact , I have learnt to live with but I know she is messaging other men or should I say 1 other guy in particular, I've asked her if she is up anything ....... which we all know the reply NO , but I have evidence and and can prove she lies to me daily...... saying that the messages she has been sending she lies daily to the other guy. I'm purely staying with her because of our son, which I know he's at an age he won't understand why mummy and daddy have split up. I feel me knowing she lies daily and believes her lies is stopping me love her.

I would really appreciate some help from women on this as I am a very private person and don't normally tell my busy to anyone........ I feel and seen very good reviews about this site for people telling there issues and whether it's a good or bad comment I would love to here.


Fight flight I can't see the light

Frazzledkate Fri 10-Aug-18 19:27:53

You need to post this in relationships, you'll get more replies

Fightflighticantseethelight Sat 11-Aug-18 00:14:18

Thank you for your replysmilebut I can't see a topic for relationship hmm I will look again, hopefully will find it and get change to post my post in the right place, thanks for your help👍🏻

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