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EllieHYMumsnet (MNHQ) Mon 18-Jun-18 18:13:41

Hi Folks,

We are on the lookout for some fantastic blogs to read and to feature on our social channels.

Leave a link below to any great reads or post's you have written below.

LuMarie Mon 18-Jun-18 18:17:02

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

ChocDee Mon 18-Jun-18 18:25:06

I have a thread going over on Chat going called I Found Mahoosive Dog.

It has been rumbling along a couple of months now and there are ponies, turtles, guns, and football riots which are all true stories.

Sorry I do not know how to link, but I will try.

SarahLove Mon 18-Jun-18 18:46:28


Beautiful and moving stories about life and love

Beautytobe Sat 23-Jun-18 14:46:35

Instagram @mumforce

Joannemxx Wed 11-Jul-18 15:46:11

Still don't know if I'm writing on the right it but anyway I wish there was a slimming world cafe in town, I was totally stuck on what to eat in a wee Italian place earlier, so ends up with risotto and soup for starter's which tasted really salty, towns full of macdonalds, KFC etc, not a lot of healthy eating places

Mrsktlouise Sat 14-Jul-18 12:05:20

I feel like I am fighting a losing battle every day!

ipaintdogs Wed 18-Jul-18 10:28:48

Today my latest post is about family cars - boring? No! What are your car values? How do you wear your car?

BoolaBass Thu 19-Jul-18 22:56:43

If you're interested in hearing all about how I nearly died from a flesh eating bacterial infection you can read all about it here.

UnlikelyAstronaut Tue 07-Aug-18 23:16:13

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