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Tax credits and housing benefit

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Orlarola Fri 01-Jun-18 19:56:04

Hi I first applied for housing benefit back in 2014 and whenever my hours go up at work or my wages are higher etc I’ve been notifying tax credits, my housing benefit has went up and down whenever these changes have been made so I assumed tax credits were informing them, a girl at work mentioned it last week and she explained that tax credits only pass on your income details to HB not your hours worked/change of job or any details like that. This means they have my job details from 2014, I’ve had 2 offering jobs since then and have slightly increased my hours. This was a genuine mistake and I’m honestly so scared about what the outcome will be as it has been so long has this happened to anyone else? Currently waiting on a letter from TC with my jobs and earnings back to 2014 to come in the post so I can take it into HB and explain I feel so stupid I could cry

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