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My 7 Month Old Daughters Nan Has The Herpes Virus

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Aetopaet90 Sat 26-May-18 09:48:31

My Daughters Nan On The Paternal Side Has The Herpes Virus I’m Scared To Death My Daughter Will Get It From Her.

Ive Said Since I Gave Birth In October Of Last Year I Don’t Want (Anybody) Kissing My Daughter Other Than Me & Her Dad I Don’t Find It Necessary But This Seems So Have Fallen On Deaf Ears. I Took Her To See Her Nan The Other Day & I Could See Her Nan Had An Active Coldsore She Was Kissing Her On The Cheek & Toes & I’m Worried Sick She Now Has It... I Have Voiced My Opinions On Several Occasions & It’s Ended In Arguments Or Me & My Ex Falling Out Because I’ve Upset His Mum But What About Me & My Daughter At 7 Months Old She Doesn’t Ask To Be Kissed & Especially By Someone That Has A Sexual Virus... I’ve Been Told I’m Being Unreasonable But I’ve Read Stories Where In Young Babies It Can Cause Meningitis She Was A NEO Baby. I Don’t Know What To Do Am I Being Ridiculous & Unreasonable?

Belle82 Sun 01-Jul-18 18:36:44

Absolutely not, you are not being unreasonable at all.
I feel my husband always wants the peace kept even if that means our daughter is not always his priority, i on the other hand couldn't care less about the peace if it means the safety or priority of my little girl. Does this sound similar to your situation?
You're MIL should be far more understanding than she clearly isn't. You have every right to kick off if she isn't following your wishes, you're the Mum not her.
Hope it works out for you xx

welshmist Sun 01-Jul-18 18:47:10

You are not being unreasonable, I am amazed at the cheek of relatives who ignore the parents wishes.

Aussiemover Mon 09-Jul-18 22:15:53

While there is an active sore on her face, she shouldn't be touching anyone, let alone a babies face. She will catch this from her while it is active. If there is nothing on her face, then she won't catch it. If you can't tell her yourself, tell your husband to tell her straight away. Once your bub has it she will have them for life and that's not fair on her.

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