Making mom friends!!!

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KatieandTed Sat 03-Mar-18 17:31:05

I'm 22, I work full time as a legal secretary, studying law and my boy is 21 months ... Right now I am finding myself so lonely with friends, especially friends with kids!

On weekends I find myself going to soft plays / farms / tea just me and bubs and boy can it be a lonely place, how do I even make friends in adult life without coming across weird! He does go to nursery but the moms all seem to be a lot older than me and generally don't speak to me, I try to make conversation but it's almost as if they do look at me odd because I do look young.

It's so difficult! I've tried the mom apps but haven't seemed to get anywhere. Help! Appreciate any advise!

Thanks smile

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Slippery Sat 03-Mar-18 17:38:34

Are you in the UK or US? In the UK I'm sure there will be things like Tumble Tots or activities at your local library.

I wasn't good at making friends but did meet other mums at both of those places.

KatieandTed Sat 03-Mar-18 18:53:07

I'm in the UK in a small village area, I have looked but most things are in the week and I work Monday to Friday sad

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