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Feeling let down and unimportant by OH

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cookiecookie Wed 14-Feb-18 09:51:05

I feel so worthless today yet here i'am sat here writing this whilst my OH has no care in the world and definitely doesn't see how upset i'am. We have been together 3 years and every other valentines day he has wrote me lovely messages in my cards yet this morning, I don't understand, we haven't argued we haven't fell out yet all i get is "hope you have a nice day" in my card. I understand this is very trivia and i'am probably over reacting, but i'am 7.5 months pregnant and have low iron, feel like crap, look like crap and just over all emotional and he knows this. To top it off after i gave him his card he said "aww thats nice" put it on the floor and went back to sleep. I checked his phone, something i have never felt the need to do and he has been watching..lets say... not the best videos, especially when i'am already conscious about how i look and perform. I don't want to start an argument by being unreasonable but also don't really know what to do about these feelings I'm having. Happy valentines everyone

TwitterQueen1 Wed 14-Feb-18 10:09:04

OP, in the kindest way, yes this is trivial and yes you're over-reacting. Aside from not live up to your somewhat needy expectations your DH has done nothing wrong.

You say he 'went back to sleep' - did you wake up him just to give him a card? I wouldn't be too impressed with that. Lots of people I know are 'saving' Valentine celebrations until the weekend.

Being pregnant is not a 'get out of jail free' card. By that I mean the world owes you nothing just because you're pregnant. Yes it's miserable sometimes (I hated being pregnant), yes it's uncomfortable, yes you feel like you look crap, but it's part and parcel of normal life. Wait until you're working FT with 2 under 4 and 9 months pregnant and then you can moan!

Forget the videos - or ask him if you want to, but they mean very little I suspect. Have a rest and send him a nice text.... "I'm feeling a bit blue today, looking forward to a lovely evening with you tonight..."

cookiecookie Wed 14-Feb-18 10:17:06

I suppose i did just wake him up to give him the card but thats only as i was going to work and don't get a day off until next wednesday. I also have two other children so lets see theres not a great deal of time between us. I suppose you're right he has done nothing wrong and i'am over reacting i never meant to use my pregnancy as an excuse

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