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Moving Scotland to England.

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JacobsMum4516 Wed 06-Dec-17 20:53:34

I really want to move to England, but I have worries, as I have no savings, and I am on income support and child benefits, how would I do this?

Can I transfer benefits?
Because I can’t just move with nothing and have no where to stay, but if I signed up for benefits in England but was still in Scotland if need to arrive at the appointment?

I really want to make this happen, as I think there is loads more opportunity’s in England than Scotland, I think it would be a better living for my 2 year old also.

Thanks for any answers!

HirplesWithHaggis Wed 06-Dec-17 21:12:26

One way you can move is to save up enough money for a private let - that'll be at least a month's rent plus the same again for a deposit, possibly considerably more. That's if you can find a LL who will accept housing benefit/Universal Credit, many won't.

Or, if you're in council/HA accommodation atm, you may be able to do a home swap, but you'll still need a chunk of cash to pay the rent, council tax etc while your HB claim is sorted. You'll probably have to go on to Universal Credit, as you'll be making a change in circumstances.

You'll need an address in England to claim benefits in England, and will have to attend interviews in England.

Or, if you have the qualifications and experience, you could get a job in England that pays enough for you to come off benefits - but you'll still need a chunk of cash up front.

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