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hugobobby Mon 06-Nov-17 11:35:28

Hi I'm ashamed of myself . I feel I constantly battle with my daughter at 15 she sits on phone constant. I ask hat to do room 2 weeks ago we had run out of cups she always says yer I'm doing it! I know she's doing exams but everyone I tell her off and she gets upset she calls her two sisters who have gone to uni now work away. I have supported her dance for yrs and very proud and tell her. She says she doesn't want me at comps now as I stress her I'm upset I've swooped shifts struggled to pay for lessons etc so if I'm not wanted then I have said she can not go to dance this week. I feel that I'm not gangling situation well I called her a bitch and F off a few weeks ago this is because I say put down the phone and she doesn't. I switch the internet off and she shouts she needs phone for homework! Which is true! I've made lunches and she brings them home so I've stopped p money. Ive had arguments with my other 2 who are 23 and 27 . Told them not to undermine me as a parent and butt out ! This obviously has caused hell they say I'm controlling pull faces when they mention going to their dads, also I've been the reason my 23 yr old hasn't gone to their dads. This is utter rubbish and I've told them . Believe me wild horses wouldn't stop my daughter seeing her dad and I only got pissed about it when they were teens because I was the one fetching them bk while he sat on his arse. They are adults and have had issues with him. I have said I'm contacting socialservices for advice as I feel at a loss . My daughter is taller than me and spends time in her room. She tells her sisters her own story. I'm very passionate and I know overprotective but feel now the resentment my kids have for me . My youngest has said this morning she can look after herself at 15. I've apologised a few weeks ago to her about what I said and didn't mean it but that her behaviour in the house is what causes me to lose it. She bought this up again and her sister said on the phone that did I understand the gravity of calling S services and my daughter telling them this! I will have my daughter put into care she said. Is this true?
I'm a single mam working full time I am not in the best of health and feel sorry for myself I think so maybe I'm carry on to much. Do I have any way forward. I told my mates at work they said they have lost it too with their looking for advice thanks

hugobobby Mon 06-Nov-17 11:41:12

Hi sorry my thread is badly organised I think and write at the same time ! Sorryj

Octopus37 Mon 06-Nov-17 19:23:10

No real advice but can I just send you a virtual hug, there is nothing worse than feeling unpopular at home. I'm not at this stage yet, boys are 7 and 10, but I am well used to feeling unpopular. Its important that you get some support somewhere for yourself, its aboslutely true that your older kids should but out, but I'm suprised they dont fight your corner more. Hang on in there, sorry I cannot be more help

hugobobby Mon 06-Nov-17 23:13:37

the eldest did but she has her own career now . The other has never supported me and undermines me although she denies it. They have come bk today to support me except it wasn't really as usual pretend then talk to me like I'm 3 . They mean well at times in their own way but they always bring up how hard to they were and how I relied upon them . Yes it's true I did but I was working full time to pay the way and their college buses. I would have been better off to not work sit on my ass .
I give up I'm no angel believe me but can't do right for doing wrong. Told them to either support me and not chastise me or I'm packing me bags and they can support each other I've had enough. shouldnt say this but feel it. I'm sure many parents feel the same

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