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charlie1887 Thu 26-Oct-17 10:03:25

Good Morning all,
I'm not usually one to write on a site like this, more of a reader, but just lately I've been experiencing something that is causing me distress and it's affecting my whole family.
In June of this year me and my partner received a letter from our housing association to say that complaints had been made against us and we had been issued an anti social behaviour marker on our tenancy and potential risk of being kicked out. At this point I'm a relatively new mum and it came as a massive shock to me. The accusations against us were unreal. I spend many days in my house alone with my son. He was only 7 months at this point, so as you can imagine things were not exactly loud and roudy in my home. However my new neighbours had claimed that I had been banging the walls, swearing at them, splashing paint into their garden, parking wonky into their space ( this happened one time because we were unable to park staright because of another car we still left room for them but they instantly took at photo and sent in a complaint) loud baby music and loud baby crying at night. I was very distressed by this as we had never even spoken to the new neighbours other than a hi here and there. So I asked my wife if she would just pop round knock on the door so we could discuss it to see what we could do to make things easier. They did not open the door the first time we knocked nor the second. Later that evening my wife went to work and I put my son to bed at his usual hour of 6. So now I'm sitting home alone with the TV on, it comes to nine o clock and there was what I can only describe as what sounded like someone trying to kick my door in. I was utterly terrified. I went to the peep hole worried that someone was trying to get in. I could see that it was in fact the gentleman from next door. He looked enraged so I opened a side window in the kitchen to find out why on earth he was banging on my door. I was crying and terrified by this point. He began to shout in my face claiming that we had kicked his door earlier that day, which we did not. We simply knocked on the door. He was incredibly aggressive so I called the police. The police visited them but they refused to open their door and nothing came of it. Other than to be logged as harassment. and I went to stay with my mum that night. Ever since I've been scared in my own home. My housing association have eventually dropped the case against us after several house visits. They came to the conclusion they were being petty. We have noticed that they are increasingly aggressive with slamming doors when our son cries but just lately if my boy has a bad night we wake up to cigarette butts in our garden or at our front door. My son has not been well this week and has been awake most of the night for two nights. Last night may neighbours were shouting through the walls way past midnight. Saying nothing in particular just shouting and sinister laughter. Slamming the doors all night and this morning hitting the walls with something. Clearly they are upset that the case has been closed and it's clear to me that they have a problem with my babies cries. I feel stuck as we aren't in a position to move and I feel so intimidated and uncomfortable in my own home I don't know what to do. I find myself crying most days. I just feel like I have to put up with the bullying. What can I do?

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