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In the wake of the Manchester bombing, what parents should be doing

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newbyparent Thu 25-May-17 13:27:20

Today's newspapers carry the shocking news that the major social media sites are carrying instructional videos on bomb making. Can you imagine the outcry if this information appeared in a national paper or tv channel? (Of course, it would be illegal so this would never happen). People (ie consumers) show their disgust with companies' behaviour by boycotting them, so why no call to boycott the social media companies who continue to host this stuff and refuse calls from the government to remove it? The answer is addiction - the companies know their customers are hooked and can't switch off. People, get a grip. Do something positive in the wake of Manchester and have a long hard think about yours and your kids' online habits, and how you are supporting these companies. Companies who allow murders and haters to spread their message. So long as you and your kids use these sites, you are complicit, so get yourself and your kids off these sites until they stop allowing those who hate us and want to kill us, spreading their sick message. These companies already own your kids' personal details, isn't that reason enough? What more do they need to do before you say enough is enough? They are oblivious to the government's calls for them to sort out their act, they only care about money, and will only listen when customers start, en mass, to close their accounts. Yes, it's a tough lesson for the kids, but kids need to understand what these companies that they trust without question, are really up to. They aren't your friends, they just use you. They are unregulated, and are sticking two fingers up to society, giving a platform to the haters in the wake of the bombing.

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