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stomach aches at 29w+

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mamabear2017 Wed 24-May-17 10:24:28

Hello Ladies,

Firstly hope you're all well.

So my problem is.....last night I was sitting in bed then I wanted to turn to my side to sleep. When I turned I got the sharpest pain on my lower left side (near groin area). It felt like a stitch or when you pull a muscle.

I thought it would go, but it didn't. When the sharp pain left after a minute (I couldn't even stretch out), it left me a little gift of a stomach ache which is still present till now.

The stomach ache isn't bad at all, it's not stopping me from my daily tasks but it's just there. It happened at around 11:30PM and lasted up until now which is 10:30AM.

The stomach ache comes and goes not constant. I have an appointment with my midwife this Friday 26th May but just wanted to see if you ladies have been through this.

Oh I also do drink water about 1.5ltr a day smile

Shalarsmith38 Thu 25-May-17 12:24:01

Hello ladies my name is Sharon I recently started having stomach ache diarrhea throwing up and often tired me and my husband has been trying to conceive my period is in 7 days I took an dollar tree pregnancy test it was negative i didn't wait the whole five minutes so hour's later something told me to go back and look at it again and i couldn't believe my eyes it had an faint pink line is this a positive test

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