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I Have An Atopic Triad Child

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rollingwithmarbles Wed 17-May-17 08:13:27

When it comes to children who have Asthma, Hay Fever and Eczema, known as Atopic Triad, it is usually because of a family history of any of these conditions. The thing is both my husband and I do not have any of them, and so far Martha who is 1 does not have anything, so why do we have a 2-year-old who suffers from all 3?

My blog post link is below about how we have been struggling to get things under control.

AutumnalLeaves38 Wed 17-May-17 08:29:18

Oh, bless her...what a lot to cope with at such a young age.

There are big gaps in my knowledge about what the combination of all 3 conditions at once entails, in terms of care and treatment etc., so I will check out your blog at the first chance I get to concentrate properly.

It must be terribly distressing for you all at times: hope she has/ you have an easier time ASAP flowers

rollingwithmarbles Wed 17-May-17 18:17:43

Thank you. We have an appointment at the hospital but that is not until July to see what the next step will be. The good thing is today her eczema has been slightly better, so she has not really needed to scratch. :-) x

AutumnalLeaves38 Wed 17-May-17 22:51:20

Hello again, Marbles,

I finally got a chance to explore around your blog, and 'get to know' you and your gorgeous girls a little (my display's faulty at the moment, so bit hard to tell, but I think you've got 2 mini redheads there? How lovely!). smile

God, watching the Youtube hospital clip of Mabel's breathing really does bring it home how very scary those episodes must be for you to see.

I really hope more effective treatment can ease all her symptoms.
Hard enough for anyone not to want to scratch itchy, inflamed skin, but must be doubly so when you're little and can't fully understand the consequences.

Despite (or because of?) all that, she comes across as a strong and determined little character, and obviously does a lot of fun stuff with her Mum (loved your home Easter egg treasure hunt film. And I think my reaction would have been the same as hers to Castle Ashby's slightly scary giant Easter Bunny!)

Will follow her progress (and catch up with a few of your archive posts soon, too). And, off-topic, I'm proper envious of your kitchen... wink

rollingwithmarbles Thu 18-May-17 07:39:31

Thank You AutumnalLeaves38

When we do go to the hospital with Mabel's breathing I like to see the stats for her so I can be aware of how low her oxygen is getting. She is so used to having a mask on now that she tends to just take it because she knows it will help.

Her skin is just something that we have good days and bad days now. Can't wait for it to be July and being able to go back to the hospital to get some answers.

Even with all this, she is very much an independent little girl who loves to run around outside and play in mud, water and sand. It can be scary because before I took the video in A & E she was playing in the waiting area and she looked fine, but if you looked closely you could see her breathing was off. She sometimes masks it which I think is why we end up being put at the bottom of the list and have to wait hours.

The Easter Bunny was a funny moment because she wanted to go over to it at first, but then possibly realised it is a weird bunny.

Thank You. Our kitchen is where we spend most of the time. It is what sold the house to us. :-)

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