Lost Childs Comfort Blanket -Glossop

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Jofinny Wed 03-May-17 19:44:55


LOST CHILDS COMFORT BLANKET (Giraffe) Beige with brown spot blanket with giraffes head.
Just calling on any local people in Glossop over this bank holiday whom may of seen our little girls comfort blanket that she lost from being in Pizza express to walking straight to the train station and getting on the train (sunday evening 30th April) . I returned within 35mins back to Glossop retraced our steps and nothing. Pizza expresss don't have nor does northern rail or their lost property. I have tried both pubs we walked past Norfolk and Weatherspoons. I have exhausted all options, but have been advised to try a post on here...so please if anybody did see it, pick it up / left it somewhere ie a place to be spotted, please can you reply...we have a very very sad little girl
thank you. ps not sure I'm posting this in right place so any feedback on where to post also much appreciated

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