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Help, can some of you do my sons survey for Uni about visiting Ireland

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Armaghmammy Fri 14-Apr-17 16:07:40

Hi all,
New to this so hope I'm doing this right, but my eldest son is at uni and is doing a dissertation about people perceptions of Ireland. He has to put out a survey and he got allot of responses at the start but it has slowed down. He also got allot of people who didn't do it right, people who live in Ireland already or who never been managed to do it, which means he has less responses than he thought. Anyway a friend told me try here, who is better to ask about perceptions of a country than people with kids, because as a parent my self I know I'd wouldnhave never taken my kids to a country that I'd though was too dangerous or too expensive but that said I have been surprised by many places and maybe you have been too with Ireland. Hope you can help, he's so stressed about it & I hate to him see like that especially when he's home for the holidays. Here's the link thanks in advance grin

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