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New blog - Need some feedback

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user1488762676 Mon 06-Mar-17 02:43:15

I just launch a blog about mother's life and some tips to take care our kids.
This is my very first blog, can you visit and leave some advice? Thanks,

Orangedaisy Mon 06-Mar-17 03:09:41

Clicked in and had a flick. Car seat safety advice is wrong for a U.K. audience. Sorry, but that put me off reading the rest properly. It was a bit serious in tone overall-obviously that is what you want with 'safety' as your topic, but I wouldn't use a blog for advice on this. Best of luck with it though.

melonyelon Mon 06-Mar-17 04:07:56

Hi user,

I've had a look. Some initial thoughts

- love the logo / font

- I think the name is clever but v American. I'm in the UK and I would probably subconsciously assume a blog with 'mom' in the name wasn't for me. Content also v American so probably not a blog that's likely to appeal to an international audience.

- style of writing varies weirdly. Some posts are in very formal English; some (eg. 20 Safety tips) are clearly not by a native speaker and are jarring to read. Did you copy and paste from somewhere? It definitely makes it harder to take the blog seriously.

- in general I'd be put off by the formal tone. While grammar etc are good mostly, it's very wordy and a bit clunky to read. Blogs that I enjoy are usually more informal - either in a narrative style or making better lists of lists / bullet points etc. I'm not sure the tone - lots of information and instruction - is blog-friendly; it reads more like factsheets or an information website.

- if you're going to give advice on things like feeding / cosleeping without citing evidence (and tbh I think that's unwise in almost any circumstance) then you really need to explain why you're a reliable / trustworthy source. Your 'about' is blank - are you a doctor / nurse / doula / lactation consultant....? If your tone was different and it read as 'here's my story' rather than 'here's some advice you should follow' then it would perhaps not matter so much.

Overall if I'm honest it's not a blog I'd return to, but I'm maybe not the target audience. I do think you've got a good variety of topics and some good and engaging titles that I'd be likely to click on if somebody shared on FB, for example.

Good luck with it.

user1488762676 Mon 06-Mar-17 15:31:01

Thanks, Orangedaisy, and Melonyelon smile
I'll try to fix all problem, change the tone and find another topic.
Yes, the "20 Tips" is from another blog, I'll delete it ASAP.

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