The Effect My Childs Father Has On Her

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Skinnygirl17 Sun 05-Feb-17 20:00:53

My Child sees her Father for a couple of hours per week. When he is Single, he spends more time with her & confides in her to the point she feels uncomfortable. When he gets a Gf he puts all his time & money into them, including jeopardising his job. He has a Gf he has dated for about three weeks & now again my Daughter has been cast to one side. When he does finally see her, he has to bring the Gf with him. He also now tries to insist my Daughter pays her way when he takes her out. (He refuses to pay maintenance BTW) my Daughter feels uncomfortable with him & his GF but feels she's letting him down if she doesn't see him. She has tried explaining to him but it falls on deaf ears. In the past I have got involved but this has lead him to become abusive towards me & calls me to my Child. My Child is under CAHMS at the minute & has been for three years. I try to protect her as much as I can but my hands are tied when it comes to him as she feels sorry for him. He uses emotional abuse. What can i do?

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