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Nowadays software's become part of our life.

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adeptsol Thu 05-Jan-17 06:38:48

ERP is a enterprise resource planning. It is a type of software used in the business process. This is mainly include planning,manufacturing,marketing,and inventory management. This software is typically used in a business process such as collect,store,manage,interept data in the business activities. The ERP system initially focused on the back office and front office function. The back office function do not directly affect the customer, but the front office function directly relate to the customer.ERP system consists of few characteristics are included, the first one is the system will be operate real time with out the periodic updates, then the data bases are supported by all the application, modules are containing look and feel, last process is installation of the system with suitable applications.
ERP included to support the changes to the work. There are three type of methods are included to changing the business process that are consulting, customization and support,ERP software used in a many type of business process. The best ERP software provided by UAE.this software used to understand the time and budget of the business process. This software is help to a many process in business. Its very help for the employee to complete the task in the required time. This software is used to improve the performance and efficiency of the work. ERP Development Company Dubai

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