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Jamesr1501 Tue 27-Dec-16 04:24:21

Hi Guys and Gals.
I am looking into something new to start in 2017 and Blogging has come in and out of my mind. I have given it a go before but I ended up giving up pretty soon after as it didnt quite click. The most difficult parts are one, choosing a blog name, and two choosing the location or host for the blog whether it be Blogger or Wordpress or others like Wix etc.

I am looking for some help here, even some suggestions for names too (Please!!). I am looking to start a general Lifestyle Blog be it things to do around the house, holiday/travel, city living, cooking/cleaning, decoration and interiors.. you name it! I don't really want to limit it too much so I am looking into the general aspect. Names I thought for the domain were JHome but that does sound a little cheesy (Right?). The other was House&Home but that may confuse it with the magazine or other websites out there but thats as far as I got.

Also how would I be best to start off, would I be best to get the domain from GoDaddy or 1AND1 with Wordpress Hosting or would I be best to get the blog started up on Wordpress before the domain/hosting. I see Wordpress say to get a domain from elsewhere then return to their site so it gives as an option or .blog also. For the hosting what would this normally cover, and would it hide my details through Whois Protection as I hate having my personal details out there.

Thanks in advance.

2014newme Thu 12-Jan-17 11:16:58

Hi I have just started a blog it was a lot more work than I thought!
Re the name I had 50 names and all of them were taken so you need to register your domain name ASAP
The book blogging for dummies has been brilliant

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