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5 Months Post Partum and Constant Bleeding

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MotherofOneDragon Sun 30-Oct-16 10:37:58

Okay so basically I just wanted to know how many of you are in the same boat as me.. pretty warning maybe a bit tmi at some points!
So I had a straightforward labour, placenta and everything came out fine, I didn't need stitches. My bleeding stopped after about 2 weeks.. for a month. then I started bleeding again, I didn't stop for 6 weeks in which time I went to the doctor to go back on the pill. I am now on the mini pill and have had a period every other week for the last 4 ish months. they have now put me on another pill which is still progesterone only.. my sex life with my partner is just horrific and it's starting to take its toll onot our relationship, we are more like house mates and it's driving me mad having to constantly carry around tampons for those 'just in case times'. for instance I stopped bleeding a couple of weeks ago for 3 days, then I was on a night out and I started bleeding again around 11pm?! I had to use the emergency machine in the toilet. so tired of this now there must be more of you out there like me?!

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