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Tax credit mess up, help!!

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lisa89pan Wed 13-Jul-16 06:08:09

Hi guys, needing a Little help.
I applied for tax credits on the 10th June but post, my partner has just left me and our 2 lo (17 month and 10weeks). On the 1st July I received a text saying my claim will be processed within 3 weeks and not till call during this time. I did call the same day as with partner leaving and my wage dropping to basic smp I was starting to struggle.
Tax credits advised that other information was still needed so I gave that over the phone, except for Cb number as I didn't have that to hand. I phoned after the weekend to be told that my claim was rejected due to not providing information. I burst into tears whilst trying to explain to the poor women that id only just applied for tax credits.
She looked a little deeper for me and realised that my claim had been rejected the same day it was recieved. I was transferred to another department who then sent a referral off as he confirmed that it was cancelled in their error. He couldn't confirm how long this process will take but did say that it could take as long as sending me a new claim pack out. He just told me to call every couple of days to see what the progress is. I have done this 3 times so far and been told that the referral has been sent with no further information. The last person I spoke to did say that this should be resolved within 3 weeks but he couldn't guarantee this.
Anyone had experience with this? What kind of time scale should I be looking at?

Just starting to panic a little now as my son's childcare (I kept him in whilst on maternity to keep up his routine, I'll be heading back to work in November so need to maintain this to keep his place) is due at the beginning of August and with my smp I won't have enough to cover that as well as other bills.

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